Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Fun Things to Do as a Family/ Geo-caching ~

          Believe it or not there are millions of treasures all over the world just waiting to be found! All you need to find there location is either a GPS unit or a cell phone with GPS capabilities!!

          To get locations of these "treasures" you start by going to the official Geo-Caching web site  Plug in your zip code, and wala! A list of all the "caches" in that zip code and near it will be listed for you.  Each of these "treasures", officially called Caches, will have GPS coordinates that you can plug into your phone.

          Once you have these coordinates in your GPS all you then need to do is get the family together and go on a treasure hunt!!

          Once you find the Cache you will find a container that will hold a "log" of some sort that you will write your team name on and the date that you found it!  Caches come in all different shapes and sizes and some have little "treasures" inside.

          This is where it gets really fun for children. The caches that are bigger in size will hold small items for trade.  Items are usually things such as bracelets, stickers, little stuffed animals,  key-chains, and any other treasure that can fit!!  If you take an item you leave an item for the next person!

My husband and I with a Geo-Cache!

          For the adults there are trackable items!  These trackable items can be either Geo-Coins or travel bugs. Below is a picture of a "First To Find" geocoin.  This one is placed in a new Geo-Cache and the first person to find it gets this coin to do whatever they wish with it.  They can keep it or send it along and track its whereabouts.

          The best thing about this hobby is that not only does it get you and the family out of the house for some fresh air, but it is absolutely FREE and you get exercise while doing it!  My husband and I have been geocaching for about four months now and we love it!  We take our one-year old son with us and he just loves the fresh air!  I can't wait till he is older and able to help us look for them!  

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