Saturday, April 2, 2011

~Test on SUNDAY!!! Am I ready???~

          I am so nervous!!!  I finally scheduled my written and practical exam for Sunday and I am freaking out.  It is not the written part that has me pulling out my hair, it's the practical part. I know I know how to do everything but when my stress takes a  hold of me my mind goes blank!

          Things keep running through my head over and over again. OK, wash my hands, wash my hands, provide for privacy, clean stethoscope with alcohol cloths, clean patients hands and mouth after feeding them. AHHHHH.....I am going to forget all of this when I am in front of the examination people!

          Then I have to take one of their blood pressures (manually).   Am I going to be able to feel their pulse? I really hope I get a really strong pulse!  I hope I don't inflate the cuff to much and cut off their circulation!  Remember, I have to pump up the cuff to 30 above where their pulse stops.

          Even though I won't be using my certification right away I still want to pass this. I will be so disappointed if I fail. All the time and hard work I put into last semester to get an A just thrown out the window.

          Well all I can do now is try my best and hope that it is enough!  Wish me luck!

~ Nervous SAHM

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