Saturday, April 2, 2011

~2011 Ultimate Blog Party..Here I come!!!~

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome everyone from the "2011 Ultimate Blog Party"!  My name is Heather and I am a wife and a mother of one boy! I have been going to school for nursing and just completed a CNA course.  I will actually be taking the big exam tomorrow. 

 I just started this blog "Surviving SAHM" because I love to write and I have always wanted to be a serious blogger. I have decided to make it my story of how I am surviving being a SAHM!  The money, time, social, hobbies, and everything else that gets me by. How am I determined to make being a SAHM work so that I won't have to leave my baby and get a job outside of the home. 

Here is my son Austin who will the most talked about on this blog!  He just turned one and he is the center of my universe! 

As you can clearly see I just started this blog a couple of days ago so I don't have many blog entries.  I am also struggling with getting people to follow. :(  The lack of something to look at might have something to do with it.  I would love if everyone that visits me from the UBP left me a comment maybe giving me some tips on how to get people to come and maybe just any other blogging tips you have!!  

Thank you for visiting!!!

~Brand New SAHM & Blogger


Kayla Sue said...

Hello! I'm visiting from the UBP! It's so nice to meet you... and your little Austin is very sweet! Starting a blog can be kind of overwhelming... but don't worry, you're only a few days in, gaining followers takes time! The best thing you can do is go visit other blogs and leave some love! People will come back to visit and some will stick around :) Good luck, hope the blog party helps! This community is so wonderful for stay at home moms!

Dana ~aka~ Frugalistic Mama said...

Party on sister, #ubp11, Nice to meet you!! I am some what new my self....I have to stay motivated and become more educated, lol.
I am your newest follower ;-)

TJ @ said...

Hi! New follower. Thanks for visiting my blog Have a great day! :-)

Anonymous said...

You've already done a good thing by linking up with UBP. I'd also suggest tweeting your link out with the #UBP11 tag. The best way to get blog followers is to network and comment on other blogs. Eventually, you'll get more followers.

Like now, you've got one more. :)

Homemom3 said...

Howdy! I'm visiting from the UBP!I hope you enjoy blogging, I know I have through the years and I have four to blog about. Children sure do make being an adult fun. ;) I have loved every moment I have had with them at home. :) Looking forward to reading more of your future posts. Please feel free to stop on by.

Shell said...

Your blog title made me giggle! That's what it feels like sometimes! Stopping by from the UBP!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Hello there!! I have a little boy who just turned one too, so I'll follow you and we can watch our little men grow! Have a great day!

productjunkiemama said...

Hi there! I am following you from Bloggy Moms! Congrats on being a blogger and best wishes!


Surviving SAHM said...

Thank you everyone who visited and followed me! And another thank your for everyone who left me some comment love!!!!

~Heather (SurvivingSAHM)

Simplegirl said...

Hi Heather!Thank you for stopping by my blog on the UBP. Glad you did. I'm now following your lovely blog and look forward to your posts. One lovely thing about blogging is the support from other bloggers. Enjoy the UBP party!

This Lil Piglet said...

I'm popping by to return the follow; thanks for following. :)

The best advice I can give you is to visit other blogs, read what they post and comment a genuine comment not just a comment saying your following. They'll be more apt to follow you back. Also if you have good content on your blog for when people do visit your blog, you will keep them coming back to read. You're doing well so far. :) Joing blog hops, meme's and parties such as this UBP11 is great to give you a kick start. You can find many blog hops on my blog hop page to help give you a start.

Also, check out the Boost Your Buzz $1000 giveaway on my blog, it's all about following GFC, Twitter, Facebook, etc (all follows = 1 entry for the $1000 giveaway).

You have a little cutie there btw!

Brandi said...

Hi there! Popping in from UBP11. I just started blogging as well. I have 3 daughters, but my youngest is 1yr. (15mos, to be specific) I also have a little man on the way this summer! Looking forward to following your blog! :0)

TanyasTreasureTrove said...

Hi! Following you from
UBP! Hope you visit me
and return the follow!

Anonymous said...

Found you over on UBP! Great to meet you!

I'm a SAHM as well...and know all too well all the corners we will cut to make sure we stay home with our babies!

Looking forward to reading!
Jen (

Sheila said...

Hello! Stopping by from my own blog via the UBP. Love the title of your blog. I'm going to go peek around a bit!

Shellsea said...

visiting from Blog Party!

Sydney said...

Hi Heather! Nice to meet you! Your son is just adorable! I look forward to reading more about your journey as a Stay at home mom! I struggled with followers too, when I first started out, but trust me, somehow it just HAPPENS and you have followers! You seems to be doing really good!

I'm a blog designer so I'm full of tips and tricks! It's realy quite simple: the best way to generate followers is to COMMENT! It works wonders. Feel free to stop by my design site:


Epic said...

Dropping by to say "Hi"!
Beautiful blog.
Take care,
Char from UBP #372

Martine said...

Hi, Heather! (Hi, too, to your little Austin!)

I see we have the same desire to be a "serious blogger." My blog's just a bit over a year old! Actually, it's "birthday" rather coincided with the UBP, which was the perfect way to celebrate a year of blogging.

I'm following you now! I hope you can hop over to my blog and return the follow :)

I also have a Twitter and Facebook, in case you want to follow me or "like" me. :)

Have a happy Friday!

Katrina said...

Hi I am visiting from UBP11 & let me tell you, this is a nice little place here you have. If I could give you once piece of advice, its to join blogging communities and search out other blogs there, go & comment. Most bloggers will return the comment and follow, so get out there & blog. Also my oldest of 3's name is Austin!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just saw your comment in my Spam folder, sorry! Thanks for visiting & commenting. Well, it looks like you have quite a following now! You're already doing better than me, and I've been at it for FOUR years! You'll be fine. Best wishes!