Monday, April 4, 2011

~CNA Exam Update!~

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I PASSED my CNA exam!!!!  YAY!


Our Banana Moments said...

Yay! Congrats! I am one of your newest fans from Bloggy Moms.

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Jenner said...

CONGRATS! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I am following you back. :)

Angie L., Doula said...

new follower her from the birthday blog hop thing on the Keeping Up blog.. ;D and other things to follow:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Thanks for the follow, am here to share the love! I have to say I LOVE your header! Super cute.

Melissa said...

Wow! Wonderful I used to teach a CNA Class and loved every minute of it!

Stacey said...

Nice looking blog and congrats on passing your test! I found your blog on another blog that I am following. I'm following you now, please check out my blog and return the favor. Have a great day!