Friday, April 8, 2011

~How much do you trust....~

...your child's doctor? I have to admit when I had my son a year ago I trusted my child's doctor 100%. I mean he is a doctor. He has my child's best interest in mind...right? And, I have to add that I really do like my son's doctor. He listens, he answers, and he takes the time to always explain things to me when I am freaking out over silly things.  Most importantly, he doesn't make me feel stupid when I do ask "silly" questions. 

So why am I questioning it now? Well, while I was pregnant I remember reading posts on "baby community" websites from mother's that were very against vaccinations.  I didn't really think to much of it at the time. I mean if you have ever been to one of those sites I am sure you know of those "hypochondriac" mothers. You know.. the ones who rushed to the emergency room when they had a finger nail size of feta cheese? So I just thought it was that and moved on.

However, a couple months ago my whole thought process on the subject changed. I decided to take a course this semester on medical/bio ethics. I had NO idea how much it would open my eyes to things in the medical world that most people know NOTHING about. 

It turns out that some doctors (and the government) don't feel the need to ALWAYS disclose their research methods. For example, in the late 1940's there was a research done for a nutritional study on pregnant women. The research included injecting over 800 pregnant women with radioactive iron. According to the doctors who performed the experiment, the injections were done to track the iron as it went through the body. According to the lawsuit that was filed by three of the pregnant women about 20 years later, the research was done to see the effect of radiation. 

Whatever the reason for the research, the women were unknowingly injected with radioactive materials. The result: three of the children died from rare forms of cancer. 

I could go on and on about other experiments like this but my point of this post is NOT to scare anyone half to death. But these things that happened make me question "authority". You would think by now there would be strict laws on this subject.  But thats the problem...the "strict" laws do not exist. They don't exist because every-time something like this happens the victims are paid off and the experiment is swept under the rug. 

So I have serious concerns now. Especially when I see my baby being shot up with five different shots within 60 seconds. Do our children absolutely NEED to be getting all these vaccinations?  I didn't get a varicella (chickenpox) vaccination when I was a child. I got it though, and quite frankly I think I would rather get it and have to itch for a couple days than get a vaccination of something that I "think" is totally safe. On the other hand there are some vaccinations that I feel are a necessity. Those diseases that have life or death consequences  and are still around to be caught. 

I am neither for nor against vaccinations. I am confused, and scared, and I don't know who I should trust. I want to trust doctors especially my son's doctor....but should I? Are we really told all the adverse effects of these vaccinations, or do we just get a less serious summary?

~scared and confused SAHM

If you would like to read more on the radioactive research done on unknowing U.S. citizens here are some articles:
My textbook for the class is:
Medical Ethics: Accounts of Ground Breaking Cases Ed.6
Gregory E. Pence


Mining for Diamonds said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I'm so glad you did.

Interesting post. I definitely have my own thoughts and experiences. I chose not to vaccinate my daughter for a very long time. She went to preschool, and public school as a Kindergartener with no shots. We signed a waiver and by law she was able to go. (It depends on your state's laws). She has always been very healthy. When we went to Mexico for a mission trip last year, I did consent to certain ones and I felt at peace about it.

Remember, you do not HAVE to vaccinate your child, it is not required by law to be vaccinated. Also, you don't have to vaccinate on the recommended schedule. You can vaccinate any time you want, and you can stop any time you want.

Follow your gut and go with your heart! If you are uncomfortable, it's better to hold off then to blindly just do it. And don't allow yourself to be bullied into it either! It's ALWAYS your choice as a parent. You are in control!

I pray that you find peace in your decision, whatever that may be!

And nice to "meet" you! :) said...

This is a great post. I love my babies Dr. . But I often wonder should I on things such as vaccinations. Some of them these days I feel like our children are being used as guinea pigs.

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Tamara said...

There is a reason they have you sign that waiver prior to vaccinating your child...Also any school or whatever that says you have to vaccinate to enroll always has a "Religious Exemption" that you can sign to bypass that little hiccup. But in the end its your choice.

mmbear said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I came over and am following thru GFC and I went ahead and followed by Twitter, too. I did not see a FB so I did not do that one. I was raised an Army brat and we lived overseas twice. You should see my shot records. There are so many pages that have been stapled together. Back then you could not go into another country w/o a whole round of shots then you could not come back to the US w/o getting them again! I sometimes wonder if all those shots are what is wrong with me now. I had written a post called What Is Depression that will explain alot and ties in with your story some because I had a bad decision by a doctor in my middle 20's that almost killed me because he was giving me something he had no business giving me. I don't want to go thru the whole story on your comment but you are welcome to go back and read it. I tell everybody now to get second and even third opinions and I still do. I have been thru 4 RA doctors before I found the one I thought I could tolerate but now I am not too sure. Anyway, thanks for stopping and I was more than happy to return the favor.