Sunday, April 17, 2011

~Family Day Out~

Today my husband, son and I went to Fountain Hills Park to have a little "picnic". We had such a great time! The temperature was a little warm but with the nice breeze it made it perfect. We brought a blanket, a little travel grill and set up under a tree right next to the lake. My son absolutely loved being outside and was all smiles the whole time. We fed the ducks and even managed to go find a Geo - cache that was nearby.

I really hope we can keep doing stuff like this. My husband had mentioned that he never really went and had picnics when he was younger and I think I can count with one hand how many times I did.

I think it is so important to do things together as a family outside of the home. It just seems when we are out in nature breathing in the fresh air all of our troubles seem so far away.

~Relaxed SAHM


Kortney said...

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Jenner said...

I can't wait until the weather is nicer and my little family can have adventures like this one! It sounds so fun.

A Helicopter Mom said...

Looks like fun! I love that it's getting warmer outside for outings like this (especially before it's a million degrees here in the South!).

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